Monday, August 16, 2010

TVS launches India’s First Keyboard “Gold Bharat” with New Rupee Symbol

TVS Gold Bharat named keyboard with Rupee Symbol
Some days ago Indian Government selected Uday Kumar's rupees (`) symbol as for International symbolic presentation for Indian currency and after that time people were waiting for that how to type this new rupee symbol. After second day Bangalore's blog Foradian Technologies launched small application to install this symbol and type this symbol with upper key of Tab.

After getting this symbol in typing people are waiting for the original symbol key comes on keyboard and now wait is over because TVS has launched new latest keyboard with this new symbol for rupee and company gave name of this keyboard is "Gold Bharat". This new symbol for rupee is come on keyboars as per Foradian Blog and which is upper side of Tab key. TVS launched this new "Gold Bharat" on 64th Independence Day of India. It is India's first keyboard with new Indian rupee symbol.

The price of "Gold Bharat" is ` 1495.

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