Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tata Motors Concept Car- "Tata Pixel" after "Tata Nano"

This is the cool New Tata car "Tata Pixel" concept which is made by Tata for Europe.This is the Tata Pixel.The shape of the Tata Pixel is similar to cheapest car of Tata "Tata Nano".it is the four seater car and also comfortable.Generally this type of small design shaped car is two seater but this Tata Pixel concept is on the Four Seater car.It is used for Two Adults and two children.Tata Motors used Human Machine Interface(HMI) concept in New Generation Programmes of Tata's My Tata Connect.


1. 1.2 litre Three Cylinder Turbochrged Diesel Engine
2. 3 meter length
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Create Nokia’s Next Ringtone and Win $ 10000

Upcoming Nokia Unique Tune
Giant Mobile Maker Finland’s company “Nokia” is going to give chance to win $10000 to people of the world. Let’s show what the matter is.
Actually we all know that Nokia mobile’s official ringtone is “Nokia Tune”. Now Nokia wants to replace this Nokia Tune and upgrade with new tune. This upcoming new Nokia Tone will come in Nokia’s 2012 handsets.
Nokia Company has said that the man who will prepare the most unique Nokia tune on behalf of the company will get 10 thousand dollar prize. The company will provide this unique Nokia tune on the OVI Store also. So this tune easily can be downloaded.
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Unlock Your 3G USB Dongle with Software

Unlock your 3g usb internet modem
In these days specially in India Internet users are increasing after coming different different compnies 3g USB Dongles in market.Now most of usm dongle sellers giving this 3g dongle making it unlocked so we can use it any SIM card in this dongle and enjoy the best internet suited for us. But they take charge for it from 50 rs to 200 rs.
But now here is the solution for it.You don't need to unlock your 3g usb dongle outsite giving charges. You can do it just online and installing software and putting IMEI Number.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hrithik Roshan in First Look of Agneepath's Remake

We know that Karan Johar is making remake of 1990's  block baster film "Agneepath". In 1990 this film was directed by Makul Anand. From this film today's Big B and bollywood's Shahenshah got name "Angry Young Man" because in this film Amitabh's style and acting was amazing.
Now K series film maker Karan Johar is making remake of this super hit film "Agneepath". In this film Amitabh's Vijay Dinanath Chauhan role will be played by super star Hrithik Roshan and Sanjay Dutt will in negative role. According to Karan this film is fully different from 1990's Agneepath. Hrithik is doing very hard work for this job. For this role Hrithik increase 12kg weight in only one month so he looks fit in this Angry man's look.
Karan Johar is very happy with this film. This film Agneepath's remake will be produced in Dharma Production banner. Film maker is thinking this film to become biggest hit of 2012. This will become truly biggest Indian Film.
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Dhoni's Wife Sakshi Spotted Smoking in Party

Today Mahendra Singh Dhoni's marriage anniversary because last year this day of 4th July Dhoni and his childhood friend Sakshi Rawat get married in Dehradun without making news on media.
Dhoni's wife Shakshi Rawat is always flirtatious nature because before get married with MS Dhoni she enjoy with her friends in parties. Even she often smoking also. After get married with Dhoni, Sakshi's cigarette smoking photos were released on the internet.
Just take a look at these photos of Sakshi Rawat
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Maria Susairaj is Coming in Next Big Boss Season!

Maria Susairaj
In these days we are seeing news about Maria Susairaj. She is very popular and bold kannad actress. On her police case is going. maria susairaj is acquitted in the prison in murder case of Niraj Grover. After becoming free from this case Maria Susairaj may start her career in television and films.
According to world of television heard that Maria is going to take part in World famous reality show upcoming Big Boss series. The TV channel which broadcast Big Boss season was waiting for release from jail.
In addition to that film maker Ram Gopal Verma is also want to take
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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google Plus: Facebook Killer is Coming

Google +1 Social Network
World’s most used Search engine Google is going to launch its social network site “Google Plus”. Google is thinking to launch this Google Plus to come in competition with most popular social networking site Facebook. Its purpose is to make online marketing more real.
Google’s precedent of engineer Vic Gundotra says that people wants to make their life on the social networking site more living. He said that now which social networking sites are available are much rough. He also said that in today’s social networking sites sharing specific information are so difficult. Current social networking sites do not allow for detail information. People want that they always connected with their friends on the internet always. For example people who are using facebook they want to share their profile etc. only specific group and they don’t want to share this photo with their parents. But by the Google Plus people’s information will know their friends, parents and colleagues.
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