Thursday, August 19, 2010

Skoda will launch 3 to 5 lakhs Small Cars in India

Skoda Car Company Logo
In India different types of small cars demand is increasing in day to day life of people. So seeing this demand world's car manufacture companies re very enthusiastic to launch different varieties of small cars. Now Imported Car Company Skoda of Czech Republic has decided to launch small cars in India and its price will very convenient. The price of these cars will be approximately 3 to 5 lakhs. Skoda's this car will be launched on he beginning of 2012 year. Currently company is designing this small car. Although earlier Skoda has lunched its small car Skoda Fabia but this despite being small car Skoda Fabia is equal to the price of Sedan version Cars because Fabia's initial cost is 6 lakhs rupees. So Skoda is determined to launch small cars in range of 3 to 5 lakhs.
While Skoda is going to launch its "Sport Utility Vehicle "Yeti"" in India at the end of this 2010 year. So we are waiting to see this Sport Utility Vehicle Yeti on road. Bing told that this sports utility vehicle Yeti's Ex-showroom price will be near 18 lakhs. Including Yeti Skoda will also going to launch Sedan version of Fabia this year and next year company will launch another new Sedan Car in Indian market.

So Clearly, Car Companies of all over World's eyes set on Indian Car Markets and Indian consumers are getting benefit because of new features and competition. Now people have lots of choices in all categories in all segments. That's not enough because of crucial competition Companies are providing premium car features in small cars.

Last year, Skoda sold 14,800 total cars in India and this year companies target is increase still 20,000 and more.


  1. Skoda is designing this small car. Although earlier Skoda has lunched its small car Skoda Fabia.It has affordable to buy.It can also provide a high capacity fuel tank.It can also provide a good interior.
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