Friday, May 28, 2010

Rihanna News- Her body will be full of Tattoo!

Rihanna's Diffrent Tattoos
Pop Star Rihanna climbed hobby is to build Tattoo that she wants to replenish her body with Tattoo. Currently 13 tattoos on Rihanna's body but her heart is not full of it. Rihanna says that until her body will remain a little place then she will make that place tattoo on her body.
That is not enough she tells that these Tattoos
are her part of life and says that in near future, she has no intention of getting pregnant and only tattoos will be present in her family. Although, not that she doesn't want child and she says that one day she surely will become a mother. Rihanna does not want to distort the balance of his life now.

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