Friday, April 9, 2010

Official Twitter App for Blackberry now available

We all know about Blackberry Smartphone. This RIM (Research in Motion) supports different software and application but till we have not Official Twitter app. But don't worry Twitter launched official app for Blackberry Smartphone. To make this Twitter app for Blackberry was challenge for developers but they done and they fill gaps by this neat application.
  1. You can push your message to direct message with Real-time Blackberry.
  2. It supports browser integration for Tweeting links.
  3. Easily customize fonts and hide toolbars etc.
  4. You can integrate your camera and photo gallery.
  5. Also integrate you inbox for reading twitter message along your mail and SMS.
  6. If you receive any text or SMS from @integration which includes @username than you can linked this to your Twitter app page directly.
  7. Integrate your Twitter lists easily.
  8. By entering words in search box you can search users, contents and latest trending topics.
  9. Download in French, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian, German and Portuguese language.
  10. Receive notification from @mentions.
You can download Official Twitter App for Blackberry from this site: (http://www.blackberry.com/twitter)

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