Monday, April 12, 2010

How to fix Wireless Access Point Problem of iPad Wi-Fi

Who have Apple iPad small PC device they are suffering from the iPad's wireless access point Wi-Fi connection because sometimes it may not automatically establish known Wi-Fi connection when you start the device or waking from sleep. Generally happened that, one wireless access point (AP) connected than it will automatically reconnect and rejoin the Wi-Fi network of same Encryption method, AO has same SSID and Security Key between an iPad and a Computer.
Now the company says that this issue because of third party Wi-Fi routers and they have dual based capability and contains following conditions:

  1. Same network name
  2. Same security setting
Most of iPad users complained that sometimes this type of problem occurs because of weak Wi-Fi signal but in this weak signal other devices work properly but iPad can not work.

Solution is simple but it is not workable for all Wi-Fi routers or gateway does not extend to iPad user and does not have technical knowledge how to make change is as said below. In the solution user have to change SSID (Service Set Identifier) of Wi-Fi networks so there is no available Wi-Fi connections which have same SSID name and to check the security type of Wi-Fi with same network name.

  • Create your personal Wi-Fi network name to ensure bands of each network. This process you can do easily only adding one or two words in current name.
    Exam: In 802.11n network name add an "N" and in 802.11b/g network add "G".

  • Now conform both network have same security type and that is (WEP, WPA, WPA2)
    If your Wi-Fi router firmware is not updated that update it.

    If the problem occurs still than reset your network setting in going:

    Setting >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Setting




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