Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to fast access YouTube in Google Chrome Browser

As a blogger my job is review some app daily and give my point of view about that. Sometimes some sites and application become so lengthy to use but we can make easy to use any app by seeing video on YouTube and YouTube is world's most watched video sharing site.

Now I want to say you that why we not use direct toolbar icon for YouTube which save our time. Yes, this toolbar is available for Google Chrome Browser and you can download from here: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/ggkljdkflooidjlkahdnfgodflkelkai

This tool is called as "Fast You Tube Search". Fast You Tube search is very good plug-in for Chrome. Normally when we want to use You Tube we want to open You Tube site in browser and after open it we can put our search query in search box so it become quite long process. But by installing this plug-in you don't need to do this because after installing it you can see You Tube icon in your Google Chrome's address bar and we can search our topic directly without open You Tube site.
 When you enter search it will automatically suggest you topic like any search engine.
As image shows when you press Return/Enter key of keyboard or click on suggested options immediately You Tube search results open as usual in new tab.

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