Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to enable “Infinite Scrolling” on each website

All the Internet users of the world use search engine to find their relevant topic and they write in search box. After searching search pages come and search engine show us first page but when you want to go next page you must have to click on Next button. So it becomes quite oak ward for us.

But you think that when you reach at the end of first page automatically loaded second page. You don't need to click on Next button. How nice it becomes! Yes. This a Auto Scrolling is very useful when you read any interesting articles or any content, at the end of the page automatically loaded next page and you can keep reading continue.
Bing is the first search engine which provides this feature inbuilt in Bing.com. You don't need click on Next page and this cycle continues until finished our search results. This feature is called "Infinite Scroll" and various application providers are trying to provide this feature in all web browser. One of the popular applications is "AutoPagerize" and this plug-in comes for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser as Adds-on.
Firefox plug-in can download from here: (http://autopagerize.net/files/autopagerize.xpi)

Chrome Browser plug-in can download from here: (https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/igiofjhpmpihnifddepnpngfjhkfenbp)

AutoPagerize application is now only available for Experimental. You can also try this feature. It is absolutely free tool feature.

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