Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to disable Security Warning in IE for HTTPS Secure Webpage

Sometimes when you open site starts from https (it is called secure webpage) in your Internet Explorer 8, you might see there security warning dialog box as shown below. (Gmail and Amazon sites comes in this category)

This type of warning box comes because when you want to open secure webpage Internet Explorer can not remember your choice which you want to open and warning message comes repeatedly when you open the page or website. The meaning of this warning is that which you want to open any website or webpage that contains images and other contents those are hosted on non-https location and according to EricLaw's IE Internals these are called as Mixed Contents.

How to Disable Mixed Content warning in IE?

Now if you want to disable this type of warning box forever than follow the steps.

Go to the Tools menu >> Internet Options >> Security. You will see there four icon in which select "Internet" than click on "Custom Level" button. Scroll down and go on "Display mixed Content" and set it from "Prompt" to "Enable".
See This Video

This video will explain you how to fix whole problem in detail information. The solution of "Mixed Content" issue is only having Web Developers.


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