Monday, April 19, 2010

Changed Style of Bollywood Actress after Break-Up

Now Bollywood's actresses don't mind to take recourse to ease the pain of broken heart.
Deepika Padukone

Take the example Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor. When they were together we mostly seen Deepika in long sari and long hair. But after break-up Deepika and Ranbir Deepika completely changed her style and by seeing her latest look we can not imagine that recently she is heart broken. There is no shortcoming in Deepika's perfect figure. But get the rid of heart Deepika spending hours in Gym. She also have changed her hair style and got a new look. She also changed her dressing style, which is expanding her beauty.

Let's see Pic of Deepika.
Priyanka Chopra

When Priyanka Chopra was dating with Harman Baweja her style was different and this style she often sees much older than she is. After break-up she changed her style and diet and spending time in Gym and now by seeing her she looks modern girl.

Let's see Pic of Priyanka Chopra.
 Vidya Balan

When Vidya was dating with sexy Shahid Kapoor her style was different and by seeing Shahid's modern look she tried to match with him in style and look. During this time Vidya was seen in short hair and skirts. As soon as this relationship over Vidya was understood that Sari is feet for her. Nowadays she is wearing Temple Jewelry. Vidya told about her Traditional look that she is fan of Rekha since childhood and she told this sentence when she got Best Actress Award by Rekha.

Let's see Pic of Vidya Balan.

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