Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Top 100 April Fools Pranks

Just two days are remaining for starting the month of April and April is also known for to make people Fool. In 30 days of April 1st April is most famous because this day anything happened. Over the many years we have seen lots of websites on the internet like Google Participate. If you have used these websites or using than it may be you remember some jokes out of them like Gmail Paper and Google Book Search. These sites are come with new technology like scratch, Sniff and suggestion technology.

Whether you like to take part in funniest practical jokes or reading best talented jokes of the day and 1st April is known as "Fun Day". This 1st April, our friends at Walyou have put collectively bunch of the Top 100 Pranks. The range of the jokes from Basic that can be done on particularly regimen coke and ice cubes with mentos to the more careful and complicated joke like wallpapering Office study with Windows guy with Photos of Steve Jobs. Be determined that for any joke ideas cooperate with their guide.

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