Friday, March 12, 2010

Hungry People Comes to Eat Elephant Meat

It is strange incident for Indian but it is nothing new for People of Gonoreja National Park, Harare (Zimbamve). When People heard news of killing elephant they reached there with saws, swords etc. They also brought tin, so that when they returning at home at that time they can fill meat in tin. They were fighting among themselves to eat meat.

Only 1 hour 47 minutes, 13 feet elephant turned in to bone structure. Every organ of the elephant is useful for them to eat, even the proboscis and ears. The rest of bone structure they took with them to make the soup by boiling it. The place where the body had the huge dead elephant, there were only saved by blood smear.

 How the Elephant turned bone structure in two hours 

  Now the next two nights will be celebrated as function in village.

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