Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tata Motors Concept Car- "Tata Pixel" after "Tata Nano"

This is the cool New Tata car "Tata Pixel" concept which is made by Tata for Europe.This is the Tata Pixel.The shape of the Tata Pixel is similar to cheapest car of Tata "Tata Nano".it is the four seater car and also comfortable.Generally this type of small design shaped car is two seater but this Tata Pixel concept is on the Four Seater car.It is used for Two Adults and two children.Tata Motors used Human Machine Interface(HMI) concept in New Generation Programmes of Tata's My Tata Connect.


1. 1.2 litre Three Cylinder Turbochrged Diesel Engine
2. 3 meter length
3. It can be parked in very tight areas because in this Zero Turn Toroidal Traction and transmission is    Infinitely Variable.
4. Tata Pixel is Highly Efficient and Cost Effective
5. In "My Tata Connect" we can operate our Smartphone or Tablet for controlling car's some functions.
6. Aerodynamic Shape
7. Automatic Starting and Stopping Technology
8. Low Resistant Tyres
9. Low CO2 emission
10. Battery Charging Intelligently
11. The Scissor doors are used and it opens upwards direction so four members can easily sit in Tata Pixel.
12. Rapid Warm up Technology

Here is Some Photos of Tata Pixel

TataMotors Concet Car Pixel First Look

Tata Pixel Side View

Tata Pixel Sideview 2

Tata Pixel Front View with Opened Door Upside

Tata Pixel Interior

Tata Pixel Interior 2

Tata Pixel Sideview with Opened Door

Tata Pixel BackSIde View

Tata Pixel Back Side View 2

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