Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google Plus: Facebook Killer is Coming

Google +1 Social Network
World’s most used Search engine Google is going to launch its social network site “Google Plus”. Google is thinking to launch this Google Plus to come in competition with most popular social networking site Facebook. Its purpose is to make online marketing more real.
Google’s precedent of engineer Vic Gundotra says that people wants to make their life on the social networking site more living. He said that now which social networking sites are available are much rough. He also said that in today’s social networking sites sharing specific information are so difficult. Current social networking sites do not allow for detail information. People want that they always connected with their friends on the internet always. For example people who are using facebook they want to share their profile etc. only specific group and they don’t want to share this photo with their parents. But by the Google Plus people’s information will know their friends, parents and colleagues.
Complete blueprint of the company's new service is based on five key features. The most prominent of these Circles. Other facilities like Spark, hangout, huddle and instant uploading.

Just see this Google +1 Video for Demo

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  1. thank you for the post, now I can add facebook friends to google plus
    Can Google plus beat Facebook!