Thursday, July 22, 2010

India unveils Low-Cost Laptop for Students at Rs 1500

1500 Rs laptop in hands of Kapil Sibal
Have you ever thought that in only 1500 Rs Laptop? Then this magic is present. After long time Indian Government has extended step further to fulfilling of promise of providing laptops to students in extremely low cost "Computing Cum Access Device". Yes on Thursday Kapil Sibal- Minister of Human Resource released this Laptop which is made by unique technique.

This Laptops price is only 1500 Rs. And it does all the work that makes general computers and laptops. Ministry of Human Resources claims that their target to reach at the price of this laptop at only $ 10 in future.

Good News for students- Ministry's intention that this magic low cost laptop should be given as soon as possible in all colleges and universities of India.


  • It is single unit system
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Built in Keyboard
  • USB Port
  • Internet Browsing

  • In this 1500 Rs. Laptop all the feature are available but some limitations.
  • Low Memory (Built in Memory there is no Hard Disk Drive)
  • Slow Speed
After avoiding this limitation it is perfect for use for students and thinks what come in 1500 Rs?

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