Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tila Tequila lanched her video at Los Angeles, California

Singapore-born Tila Tequila singer, tv celebrity and model launched her new video at Los Angeles, California on Wednesday. That tile she danced on the stage and tried to attract people's attention to her.During that time Tila Tequila also made Photoshoot on the red carpet. In this photoshoot Tila Tequila shows her breast and it covered with two leather strip.Looking at Tila's shoot that she did because she wanted to lauch her video sentational way.
Well Tila is very much popular in social networking site MySpace. Before that video she had launched her video in 2007.

See Photos of Tila during the video launch and phtoshoot

Photoshoot Photo of Tila Tequila

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