Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Creative Ways to Reuse your Old CDs

Bunch of CDs
Have you bunched of old CDs? Which are useless and If you are thinking to throw away these CDs outside than don't do this.
These are some creative videos so by seeing these videos you can make some art and craft work, mobile phone holder and settlement of flower by this useless shining bunch of CDs.

1. Create Wall or Mirror by using old CDs.

2. Make Air Hockey Table by simple use of CDs.

3. Make Mobile Phone Stand.

4. Make CDs arrangement like Flower Wreath.

5. Make Flower Sattlement/Design with CD.

6. Make your CDs arrangement like Lamp.

7. Make a curtain by seeing this video.

8. Make Art Craft.

9. Disco ball for the floor which is used for Dancing.

10. Create i-Phone stand with CDs.

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