Sunday, May 23, 2010

Have lost your Way, then ask a Woman

You and me may many times lost or forgot our right way where we want to go and we ask a man. Sometimes we ask a man and they give us wrong way and it's become many times with many people. So if you lost way then ask right way on the road to a Woman.
A new study has claimed that the way in terms of telling women are better than men. Study states that if stranger asks about right way then women are far better than men to give right way. About women are still considered to be contrary to the notion that women can not remember the path. This study is done on 30 men and 30 women and this news is published on a British News Paper.
How to Study done!

According to news published in "General of Programmatic" study states that, under study Researchers asked women and men that how much miles would walk to reach the goal.

In answer of this question 75% men answered wrong and 50% women gave right answer. By this way Women are better than men to give right direction to stranger to reach goal.

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