Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Take Screenshots of Video by SceneGrabber

Sometimes when surfing internet, you open different websites and other video download sites like Frendz4m etc. When you open this website and go to movie section you will see there screenshots of movie and you want to upload any movie you should attach screenshots of the movie which you uploaded. By uploading screenshot user can easily find quality of the movie. The screenshots which you upload should have all the information about the movie or video so user can easily know about the original movie or video.

On the Internet there is lots of software's available. I want to give you simple program by which we can take screenshots of video. This program name is SceneGrabber.

(Download SceneGrabber: http://www.scenegrabber.net/index.html)Size of this software is 3 MB. By entering above link you can download this software. Below screenshot of SceneGrabber.
After installing program in your computer go to File >> Open video file which you want. His program supports approximately all the Video formats. But when you want to open FLV file it will not see this File. If you want o open FLV file then change from "all movies" to "all file types". Than you can open file and take screenshots.

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