Monday, April 5, 2010

Sex Tips for Green and Eco friendly Life

Good news for Eco-friendly couple. Now you can also save our planet by enjoying sex. Stephanie Weiss prepared a guide and she named this guide "Eco-Sex". In this guide she advices natural manner of sex tips. So you can enjoy sex without harming your nature.

What is Eco-Sex?Eco sex or Green sex means that use those thing during sex which are made naturally and fully biodegradable and should not harm our atmosphere.

Some Tips considered in "Eco-Sex" Guide:

Tip 1: Use natural latex matter or sex because in this latex more flexibility than Synthetic latex.

Tip 2: Use such condoms which are made of naturally and should be destroyed easily means Biodegradable Condoms.

Tip 3: Instead of chocolate etc. you can use natural erotic cinnamon, basil, cassia etc.

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