Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Play Classic Games in your Google Chrome browser with “Game Button” Extension

Playing Games is the biggest part of our today's life. In our stressable mind it is quite useful for some entertainment. Sometimes when I become free on internet than I always play some classic games online in Google Chrome browser so I also want to share with you how to play online games in Google Chrome browser with "Game Button".(Download link of Game Button:
https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/kffhenjbibjnbnjhlkcdlmpeccpaohio)Visit this above website and click on "Install".
After installing this button you will see there button in your browser right side as shown in below image.
Now to start playing games online click on "Game Button" and you will see there games category like Adventure, Puzzle etc.
Click on any category you want to play. When you will click immediately new window will open.
Example: I have clicked on "Driving Games" so page brought to me in Driving Games in new window where lots of games available which I can play. I have selected "Bike Ninja" game in Driving Game category. Screenshot is shown below of Bike Ninja.

You must try this Google Chromes shortcut "Game Button".

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