Saturday, April 24, 2010

Now US Treasury wants New 100 Dollar Bill with3D Technology

Now US Treasury thinks about to change the current 100 dollar bill with new look-design and 3D technology. US Government has re-disigned 100 dollar bill to avoid the problem of counterfeit of US currency.

Even after changed this Bill, they keep their old identity of "Benjamin Franklin" as usual. This Bill will be released in February 2011. By making this type of currency they tried to stop those people who make fake currency.

Features in Currency

These notes have some technological features which are costly and difficult to imitate. Note has Three Dimensional Ribbon and when we reverse it we can see color changing effect which is linked with a hundred points. Within the inkstand of note, they have added photo of bell which changes its color when reverse it. Its publishing cost is higher as compare to current notes.
Timothy Geithner President of US Treasury told that these notes are made by best technology so that we can avoid counterfeiting of notes.

He told "Welcome to the New Benjamin" 
$100 NoteVideo made by US Treasury

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