Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to find related data easily in Google with “Google Quick Scroll”

For improving the frequency of proper search results world's largest search engines are trying to make it easy. But they can search specific website to relate our search query because of limited role of search engines. Sometimes when we write something in search box and we can see search results and we enter any website, search engines doesn't concentrate which portion of that webpage is most related our search query.

We know that Google is world's most used search engine and Google's browser Google Chrome Extension paid concentrate to solve this query.
The data which we are searching for on the webpage this feature is Google Quick Scroll.
This feature is browser extension for Google Chrome. If you are not installed Google Quick Scroll feature in your browser than when you find, search engines show only related results but not show related data of those results. This problem can be solved by installing Google Quick Scroll.

Let's Understand with Example

After installing I have searched in Google "reliance free t9space link" and the results shown as below.
I have clicked on "RELIANCE GSM Free 6/3/2010"
Than when this page open black box will be shown at the bottom-right side and on it. It will directly reach you related topic data and this text will be in yellow colors.

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