Sunday, March 21, 2010

World’s most expensive TV

World has lots of most expensive gadget and today people are not lack of money and some people can buy anything what they want. If people have no money to buy expensive things, they can not be made.

Take the case of TV. TV requires just that they show clear picture and sound are clear. But one TV is that in which has roots diamonds and jewelry. Its price is much and we can buy thousands of TVs instead of this TV. The name of this TV is HD Supreme Roj. It is designed by British Designer Stuert Hug.

Earlier in 2006 the price of a TV was made in Italy 62 lakhs.


  • 15 lakhs Pounds (10.33 Crore Rs)
  • Screen: 55 Inch
  • 72 diamonds are rooted.
  • The Gold frame has hundreds of Gems.

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