Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cyber Ants Will Protect Your Computer

Have you ever seen ants to prevent unwanted seen entering their territory? May be your answer is 'No'. But when ants see any dangerous things and place around than they together at one place and fight against enemy, on the same basis cyber security specialists building plan named "Digital Aunts" to protect computer networks.

The plan is going progress and now in research base. A team of Wake Forest University in North Carolina of U.S doing this test and almost they are success to find the "Digital Aunts" software. It will become the software and will protect computer against any harmful viruses like AntiVirus. Computer Science Professor said ''We know that Aunts protect themselves from threats successfully. After del
eting the harmful threats they will run as normally and said that we also

want similar framework for the computer.
Co-researcher Glen Fink said that they will create different 3,000 digital aunts to save computer network from any viruses and damage.

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