Friday, February 26, 2010

How to make Free Call India

Are you finding any website or domain which provides to make free call in India by the Internet? Than yes, there is the website that I found it. This website is very popular and famous. It is rediff.com you all are known about it. It is not provide us directly to call facility but we can this calling facility by indirectly. These are the simple steps to start free call in India by Internet.


1.First open rediff.com.

2.Click on Local button.

3.Click on post your ad.

4.You will see there one form. Fill this form. You must remember your offer name which you have filled.

Click on Post the Ad.

5.When you will click on Post the Ad you will get the code from rediff.com to your mobile.

6.Click on Save Location.

7.Go to Link: http://localads.rediff.com/manageads.

8.Enter your mobile number and click on show ads than click on Publish.

9.When you will click publish button you will ask to enter the code which you have received to your mobile.

10.Now you created your ad and it will be activated within 24 hours.

After 24 hours again go rediff.com and click on Local button.

In local search the ad which you have created you offer name.

You will see there lots of ads click on your ad, than enter mobile number whom you want to call and click talk now.Enjoy It.


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