Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Disable Blogger Navigation Bar

First of all I just want to say that what is Blogger Navigation Bar?
In the blogger.com you can see the image like I have mentioned that is called navigation bar (navbar). This Navbar appears by default at the top of the blogger powered blog. It allows users to easily navigation option to other random blogs and the feature like search blogs,dashboard,flag blog, share,sign in/out.Inspite of this feature many people prefer to remove the navigation bar because they think that it spoils the image of the template which the selected. Now come to the point and keep attention here to see the trick.

1. Sign in your blogger account and go Layout Button.
2. In Layout go Edit HTML tab.

3. Copy this HTML code as specified in the picture.
     #navbar {
     height: 0px;
     visibility: hidden;
     display: none;
Now see your blog you will see blog without navbar. If want to see again navbar remove the HTML code and save it. If you like this post than subscribe by email.

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